Lisa Ellis

Healing Quilts. This one hour lecture is a slide show of some amazing projects where quilts have been used to make the world a better place through the subject of healing.

This lecture will show excerpts from some poignant and powerful exhibits at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, National Institutes of Health, University of Michigan Health System, Sacred Threads and Beyond the Barrier (quilts made by inmates of the Ohio Reformatory for Women). It will give your guild or organization some ideas on how to start your own healing quilt project.


Fever Few. University of Michigan Health System

Personal Journey as an Art Quilter.

This lecture and trunk show tracks the path of my development as a quilt artist beginning with my few traditional pieces, examples of my studio experiments in design, to the quilts I am making today. I hope to inspire fellow quilters to experiment and find their own calling.


Radiance. 2016

Journey of Faith.

I will share my personal testimony of how faith has brought me out of a corporate career to making art quilts for my place of worship. I have many inspirational stories to share about how this path has deepened my faith and brought me incredible joy. I will bring some of my worship quilts to share. The length of this talk can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.


Sacred Threads 2015

This lecture is a slideshow of the most recent Sacred Threads Exhibit. I will show you the poignant and fabulous pieces that made this a truly remarkable exhibit. It will inspire you to make pieces that share your personal experiences in joy, spirituality, inspiration, healing, grief and peace.


Praise. Shown in the Sacred Threads 2009 exhibit.