Lisa Ellis

I am an artist who specializes in art quilts of spiritual themes that express my faith.  I am also passionate about making pieces for healing and using art to make the world a better place.

My episode on The Quilt Show is live! You do need to join in order to view but there is a 7-day risk free trial.

Here is the link to watch.

I have created a little booklet to share my cathedral window quilts.

It has color images of my quilts, an in-depth view of my design process, and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the block.

All the proceeds go to Sacred Threads.

It is 6" x 6", 80+ pages

On sale at 50% off for $7.54

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My newest quilt is based on the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden.

I call it "Gigi's New Box of Crayons". It's 58" x 37".

Gigi's New Box of Crayons

I enjoy playing with technology.

Here is a 3D tool for viewing artwork. It's fun to see how these quilts look on the wall.