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Gigi's New Box of Crayons
58" x 37"

Gigi's New Box of Crayons

Finding Beauty made for the SAQA Regional Exhibit debuting at the Blackrock Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD in 2021.


"I imagine a world where dandelions growing rampant on the dry brown hills of California is considered beautiful. While others wait for the hills to turn green, I appreciate their beauty now. While others curse the weeds, I make wishes on the wispy fluffs."

Beach Encounters - made for the 2017 Sacred Threads special exhibit "Stories of Hope"

Channel Island Kelp - Inspired by the National Parks Book

Morro Rock

Morro Rock. Inspired by the artistry of Tomas Panzarino.

Lisa Ellis


"Vinescapes" exhibit with Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends

When She Dances

When she Dances

Mary Kerr's Exhibit "Dare to Dance"


Painted by Mike

Mike's Garden

Painted by Mike

Ocean II

Shedding New Light on an Old Block
This is a 16" x 16" piece made for the Alliance of American Quilts challenge fund raiser to be auctioned off in the Fall of 2010.  The challenge this year is called "New from Old". My piece was awarded an Honorable Mention.
I am a sponsor and member of AAQ. You can read more about the organization here.
 Using my Lazy Landscape technique, I created this little underwater scene. The fish were designed and drawn by my husband Mike.
"It's a Little Fishy"
12" x 12"
SAQA Auction 2010
Uncle Sam is wondering how to navigate through the world's problems.
Is There An App for This?
30" x 30" 
Inspired by the cool blues, teals and beiges at the beach. I made this while at my beach summer house. I experimented with stencils and paint.
34.5" x 28.5"
Continuing in my fish series, I added beads and created buttons from abalone shells found on our beach.
Orange Fish
16.5" x 20"
 I am participating in a challenge with quilters from the west coast and the UK. This is a traveling exhibit called "Go Green". I imagined what the earth might look like if it was going green and spewing excess green color into the universe.
Go Green: View From Space
30" x 30" 

Escher's Needlepoint
30" x 30"
See all the pieces in the Art Under the Microscope exhibit.
I made this little piece as a thank you to friend Claudia Sammis. She hosted a meeting at her home for me in Pacific Grove. I enjoyed playing with Angelina Fibers, paint, decorative threads and beads.
Fish for Claudia
12" x 12"
While continuing in my fish series, I played more with couching fibers to make the aquarium plants.
38" x 26"
This is my newest healing quilt called Canna. I tried a new technique using Photoshop to manipulate the photo and then printed it on fabric. The inspiration photo was taken by Craig Cramer and was used with his permission. You can check out his blog at
Canna at Ellis Hollow
32" x 30"

Global Balance
38" x 38"
I made this in March 2009 while on vacation with quilting friends at our beach house in California. I was inspired by all the California Poppies that were in bloom.
Icelandic Poppies 31.5" x 18"
The inspiration drawing was by my husband, Michael Ellis. The materials are commercial cottons. The wording is done with thread painting and the pirate is raw-edge fusible appliqué.

Punch Line: “‘Twas Me First Day With Me Hook

26" x 36"

Read the Joke

A friend went on a mission trip to Rwanda. Knowing my love for fabric, she brought back this beautiful batik which serves as the centerpiece. I added the borders and quilted it. I call this piece Compassion since she was on a trip with the Christian humanitarian organization called Compassion International.
38" x 37"
It took me awhile to be inspired by this year's Hoffman Challenge fabric. But finally, the idea for Woodland Spring surfaced. New leaves and blossoms are just appearing in the forest. I used my Lazy Landscape for the background and my Graceful Trees design. Hot fix pearls made the sweet little blossoms. Woodland Spring will travel in trunk QC-F.
Woodland Spring
18" x 18"

Googlegänger (Portrait of Lisa Ellis of
18" x 60"
Inspired by a photo of my husband's wonderful azaleas taken in May of 2006. Machine pieced and appliqué. Embellished with ink and Swarovski crystals.
Azalea 18" x 22"

Made for the Pacific Transatlantic Challenge.
37" x 37"

Last Leaf
12" x 18"

Fire Dance
17" x 22"
This piece is a part of the on-line gallery called Braving the Elements. It was also a part of the Sacred Threads 2009 show in Columbus, Ohio.

One of the quilt groups I attend is called Playing Outside of the Block. Its a wonderful mix of traditional and art quilters. A challenge was issued to make an 18" x 18" piece on the theme of cool or hot. I chose to make a cool piece. I wanted to practice the skills I learned from Vikki Pignatelli on pleated borders and curved piecing. So this was a perfect opportunity to make a small piece. Check out all the 18" x 18" pieces on the Playing Outside of the Block website.  

Feel the Mist - 18" x 18"

I made this over the weekend following the horrendous wild fires that swept through Southern California in October 2007. My hearts and prayers are with all those that lost loved ones, pets and their homes. This quilt was shown at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February 2007. 

October Wild Fires - 18" x 36"

Working in a series I experiments with using tulle to soften the greens in the background so the leaves would be more visible.

 Primose II

Sold by the Windrush Gallery in Fairfax, VA
Almost Winter

Eagle Scout

Collage I for Dianne

Collage II for Dianne

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